Zoo Med Spider Wood for Aquariums and Terrariums (Small) – 8 to 12 Inch In Stock


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Bring a more natural look to your freshwater aquarium with Zoo Med`s Spider Wood, perfect for adding depth and aesthetics with its spider-like limbs.

Spider Wood makes for great cover for shy fish to hide, mimicking their natural habitats. The Spider Wood can also host various plant life, adding an alluring bonsai-like appeal to your aquarium – may have you feeling zen. 


  • Excellent for aquariums, terrariums, paludariums and planted tank set-ups
  • Very low in tannins, will not discolor aquarium water
  • Naturally grown, so no two are alike
  • Pressure washed, heat treated and is ready for use  

Additional information:

Prior to use, it is suggested that the wood be soaked in a separate container so that it becomes waterlogged or weighing it down until it no longer floats.  During the first week of having the wood immersed, beneficial bacteria will feed on small organics within the wood, creating a thin white film on the wood`s surface. This is a natural process, and should dissipate and filter out as the organics are consumed.

    Note: Each piece of Spider Wood will vary in shape and are approximate to size.