Wave Point Blade HO LED Aquarium Light Super Blue/10k – 6 inch Only 6 left – order now!In Stock


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Wave-point Blade high output Led Clamp On Light are equipped with 12 x 1 watt led lamps (6 – 10K, 6 – super blue) which are housed by a sleek aluminum hood with heat removal technology with a star fire glass splash guard. The clear acrylic mounting arm made of durable high impact plastic, allows the clamp light to easily mount and be secured to a wide variety of rimless aquariums. The fixture is water resistant and is equipped with a UL low voltage transformer. Included is a on and off switch . These lights are plant tank capable and can be used to high light an existing environment or as a primary light source.

Compact, high-output LED fixture. Compact, high-output LED fixture. Great for nano reef or fish aquariums.


  • Ideal for Fresh and Saltwater Environments
  • High Output 1-Watt LED Lamps
  • Mounting Bracket Made of High Impact Plastics (7mm max. thickness)
  • Crystal Glass Splash Guard
  • Nano Aquarium Light
  • Water Resistant Construction
  • Robust and effective heat sink
  • Low Voltage UL Listed Transformer
  • 12 watt