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Tunze Turbelle NanoStream 6095 Controllable Pump (6095.000)

The Tunze Turbelle NanoStream 6095 is a wide flow, high flow volume compact aquarium pump. It shares the small body size of the Tunze 6055, providing nearly the flow of the Tunze 6105 but with a much wider flow pattern. The maximum flow is approximately 2,500 GPH.
  • For aquariums from 100 to 1.000 liters (25 to 265 USgal.)
  • Circulation performance: 2000 to approx. 9500l/h (550 to 2500 USgal./h) with Turbelle? Controller
  • Power consumption: 5 ? 21W
  • Power supply unit: 100V/240V (50-60Hz)
  • Cable length: 3m (118.11 in.)
  • Dimensions: ?70mm (2.7 in.),
  • outlet: ?50/10 mm (1.96/.39 in.)
  • Magnet Holder with Silence clamp up to a glass thickness of 15mm (1/2?).
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