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Trigger`s Triton Sumps are specifically designed for reefs that use the Triton Method. 

The refugium section in the Triton v2 Sumps are tailored to be larger than many other sumps, as the Triton Method would require this section to be up to 10% of your display tank`s water volume.

Filter sock holders are also included in the sump for the mechanical filtration, helping clear up the water column from any large particles, however, are optional for use when employing the Triton Method.

3 Main Sections:

The Triton Sump has 3 main sections where the water enters flowing into the large refugium, on to the protein skimmer section, and the return section.

  • The large refugium is fed by dual inputs that hold 4″ filter socks per input and flows through the adjustable overflow wall into the next chamber.
  • The protein skimmer may sit in this section for dissolved organics to be extracted from the water column, and then flowing to the media platform, before returning to the display.
  • The return pump section houses the heart of your system, pumping the filtered water back up to the main display.


1″ Inputs 

With two main 1″ drain fittings and pipe extensions in the refugium section, the included 4″ filter socks can be used if needed to polish the water.  These drain fittings permit PVC pipe to be used during installation.

The additional 1″ drain fitting can be installed in the skimmer or return pump section and is typically used as an emergency drain, or it can be plumbed into the return.

Refugium Lid

The provided lid, made from clear polycarbonate, helps reduce evaporation and noise, while the recessed bracing allowing the lid to sit flush with the surface, for a cleaner look.

Next to the lid is a cutout notch in the bracing that will accommodate different refugium lighting options.

Cable and Hose Organizer

Keep the cords and hoses tidy with the two provided holders, located above the probe holders and return section

Probe Holder

Four probes can be installed in the countersunk holder, with one larger probe holes for larger probes.  O-rings are also provided for added probe support.

Quick Connect Hose Input Fittings

Located in the top bracing of the sump, these 1/4″ connections allow tubing for dosing or the ATO to be implemented.

Each fitting has an extension pipe that hangs down so that drops may be viewed entering the system, for finer tuning and for signs that the dosing lines are not clogged.

Media Platform

Between the skimmer and the return pump section, media bags may be placed on the provided platform, while the foam filter block reduces bubbles and particles returning into the main display.

Algae Blocker

The various algae that can be used in the refugium can come in different shapes and sizes.  The Algae Blocker helps reduce the probability of the algae escaping or clogging the overflow teeth, allowing water to flow under the blocker while the algae floats at the surface.

Adjustable Water Level

The water level in the skimmer section can be adjusted from 7″ to 9.5″ to accommodate the different suggested running depths of skimmers.  The two bolts hold the wall in place and can be loosened to precisely adjust the desired height.

The refugium water level is also adjustable from 8 to 11.5″, so that the flow going through the sump may be fined tuned, as the Triton Method requires high flow through the sump.


  • Clear polycarbonate refugium lid
  • Algae blockers keep algae put, and light from escaping
  • Independent water level control in refugium and skimmer section
  • Dual 1″ drain hose connections with 4″ filter socks
  • Extra 1″ removable drain input, configurable for skimmer or return section
  • Engraved water level indicators
  • Adjustable baffles
  • Media platform with foam filter block
  • Probe holders
  • Quick connect dosing tube holders
  • Cable holders for wire clean up


What`s Included:

  • For aquariums up to = 150 gallons
  • Dimensions = 34″ long x 15″ wide x 15″ high
  • Refugium Section = 15.25″ x 14.5″ (~11 gallons)
  • Skimmer Section = 10.5″ x 14.5″
  • Return Pump Section = 5″ x 14.5″
  • Total Water Volume = 31 gallons
  • Refugium Water Level = 8″ to 11.5″ adjustable
  • Skimmer Water Level = 7″ to 9.5″ adjustable
  • Drain Input Fittings = 1″ (x3) ? 2 main, 1 configurable
  • Filter Sock = 4″ (x2)
  • 1 x Trigger Triton34-v2 – 34 Inch Sump
  • 4 x Push-connect Fittings with Tubing
  • 4 x Probe o-rings
  • 1 x Polycarbonate splash shield

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