TH-0800 800 Watt Deluxe Titanium Heater with Heater Guard (Heater Element Only) – Finnex In Stock


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Heaters are one of the most important pieces of equipment for your aquarium, as they provide a stable temperature for our aquatic pals. Fish and other aquatic species do not produce body heat, so their well-being is related to the temperature they are kept. Temperature swings are known to cause stress within the aquatic environment and its inhabitants, so heaters are key to keeping them happy, healthy, comfortable, and can inspire some species to spawn or reproduce (at specific temperatures).

The corrosion-resistant housing of the Titanium Finnex Heaters protect them from saltwater damage, ultimately extending their lifetime, and making them virtually unbreakable, especially in comparison with the standard glass aquarium.


  • Titanium structure provides a stable temperature environment for your aquarium, eliminating temperature swings that put stress on the aquarist`s livestock
  • Suited for both fresh and saltwater aquarium
  • Work well with other controllers accepting 3 prong heating elements
  • Protective heater guard wrap, to reduce harm to livestock and equipment
  • Includes suction cups to secure the titanium element in preferred locations 

Heater ModelWattageAmperage @115VTank recommendationsCord LengthHeating tube


300W2.7A40 – 80 gallons74″10″


500W4.5A10 – 130 gallons73.5″14″


800W9A140 – 265 gallons73″16.5″
Please Note: Additional heating units may be required and discouraged from using in extraordinary setups (where warranty may be void) not limited to: Applications outside of standard aquarium use, basement setups, garage setups, ponds, outdoor use, greenhouses, extreme temperature conditions, etc.