SunSun CT-202 4W Adjustable Air Pump, 2 Outlets


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The SunSun CT-202 is a brand new design and an excellent economy air pump that gets the job done. With its small size, elegant design, it is sure to exceed standards. SunSun air pump provides reliable service at an economical cost. Efficient and easy-to-use, SunSun air pump can handles the aeration needs of aquariumsÿ60 gallons. You will receive 1 x SunSunÿ2 outlets air pump.

Flow adjustable design, you can adjust the air flow any time
Super quite design, no annoying noise
Max Flow:ÿ2 x 1.5L/Min,ÿ180 liters per hour orÿ48 gallon per hour
For aquariums up toÿ60 gallons
Pressure: 0.012MPa or 2 PSI
Dimension:ÿ5.2 x 2.8 x 2.6ÿinches (L x W x H)
110V / 60Hz, 4W