Sicce Voyager 4 Stream Aquarium Pump – 1600 GPH In Stock


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Sicce`s Voyager line of stream pumps has been designed for both marine and fresh water aquariums, with flow rates ranging from 800 US ghp – 4000 US gph (3000 l/h to 15000 l/h).

Thanks to the exclusive magnetic support, these stream pumps can be positioned anywhere: on the sides, behind the tank and on the aquarium`s corners. These mounts permit them to have a wide range of output angles: up to 180ø vertically and 360ø circulatory with endless orientation possibilities.

With its advanced built-in technology, the Voyager range can be turned on and off quickly without harm or noise and represents a quality choice for the most demanding hobbyist.


  • Unique bidirectional rotor for one way start and no noise.
  • 360ørotation of the pump for an easy positioning according to custom exigences Extra flexibility with an up and down positioning
  • Magnet mounting 
  • Front regulation flow control
  • Self cleaning impeller
  • Grid pump cover to protect livestock and pump
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • For freshwater or marine systems




Aquarium Rating

Flow Rate

Power Consumption

Glass thickness

Voyager 2

5.9″ x 3″ x 3.2″Marine 15-50 gallons
Freshwater 50 to 90 gallons
800 gph / 3000 lph7 watts.6″ / 15 mm

Voyager 3

5.9″ x 3″ x 3.2″Marine 40-80 gallons
Freshwater 80 to 125 gallons
1200 gph / 4500 lph10 watts.6″ / 15 mm

Voyager 4

5.9″ x 3″ x 3.2″Marine 50-105 gallons
Freshwater 105 to 190 gallons
1600 gph / 6000 lph14 watts.6″ / 15 mm

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