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Shock Buster – Portable Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

An electrical outlet that can save your life. Senses electrical danger and shuts off the power before it can harm you.

Why run the risk when working with electricity?

What does ShockBuster protect against?

  • Hazardous electrical shock from damaged electrical cords
  • Hazardous electrical leakage levels in applicances and tools
  • Electrical shock caused by exposure of appliances and tools to water

How does ShockBuster work?

  • ShockBuster instantly detects ground fault caused by leakage currents
  • Power shuts off in a fraction of a second to avoid electrocution
  • Reset the button and it`s ready to protect you again


  • Power indicator light
  • Reset button
  • Test button
  • Single outlet; 3 conductor; Grounded