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Kick-Ich Pro is a concentrated formula that has been proven to eliminate Ich by interrupting its life cycle during its infectious, free-swimming stage in fresh or marine fish tanks and Pro will treat twice as much water volume than regular Kick-Ich.

As we purchase fish from around the world, the amount of travel that they have gone through causes them stress, which in turn affects their immune system. Increased stress levels make them susceptible to parasites, bacterial infections or other pathogens. As hobbyists, we try to pick the healthiest fish at our LFS, make sure the fish is feeding, then get them bagged up for purchase, only to find little white spots appear on the fish when we add them to the tank. For this reason, and the well being of the fish, it is essential to have the best possible remedy in the industry, Ruby Reef`s Kick-Ich Pro – a copper free, reef safe formula that will not affect the biofiltration. So, there is no need to tear your tank apart trying to catch fish for treatment in a hospital tank.


  • Eliminates Ich
  • For fresh or marine aquariums
  • Reef safe
  • Does not contain: copper, malachite green or methylene blue


  • 2 liter will treat a 320 gallon aquarium for the full 5 dose regimen

Ruby Reef recommends using Kick-Ich Pro with Rally Pro. As many organisms can be misdiagnosed as ich, Rally Pro will eliminate external parasites, Marine Velvet, Dinoflagellates, Clownfish Disease, Gill Flukes and gram negative bacterial infections like fin rot and tail rot. Rally Pro helps with secondary infections if the ich parasite was able to bore into the flesh of its victim/s. Rally Pro is reef-safe too!