Reef Brite Plantlyte LumiLite Pro LED Strip Light – 18 Inch Temporarily Out of Stock


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The Reef Brite LumiLite looks just as good as it performs. Designed and built in the U.S, the LumiLite Pro is one of the thinnest LEDs on the market with the body sitting a 0.5 inch high by 2.4 inches wide and is available in multiple lengths.

The Plantlyte LumiLite Pro LED strip light is suited for planted tanks or can be used over refugiums as well with the necessary spectrum for plant health and growth, rendering natural colors. This light is an affordable solution for freshwater aquariums with light demanding organisms, or tanks with limited room that need a bright source of light in a convenient compact package. The light houses high-power COB LED?s to render natural colors in plants.

The LumiLite Pro offers two independent channels, includes 2 in-line dimmers, a Y connector, power supply, mounting legs, and is compatible with popular LED timers using our cable adapter kit (sold separately).

Available lengths: 8″, 18″, 24″