Marineland Adjustable Double Bright LED Lighting System


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  • Illuminated by Energy Efficient 1watt white LED’s that provide higher output than typical fluorescent bulb lighting and 60mW blue lunar LED’s 18″ – 24″ have (6) 1w white and (3) 60mW blue LED’s 450 Lumens.
  • Slim stylized lighting profile. Mimics underwater effect of sunlight. Energy efficient system that doesn’t require any bulb replacement. Specifically designed Polycarbonate lens to focus and to protect LED light bulbs.
  • Lifetime Hours – 17,000 hours. 3 pole switch to turn on 1w whites and 60mW blues, just the 60mW blues for lunar effect, or off.
  • Adjustable mounting legs offer flexibility in tank sizes.

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Weight5.37 lbs
Dimensions39.375 × 7.438 × 3.5 in

36"-48" Wide – 1,200 Lumens (16 White LEDs & 6 Blue LEDs)

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