Hydor Koralia 3G Third Generation Circulation and Wave Pump – 2450 gph In Stock


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The new Koralia Third Generation is super compact, energy efficient and is ideal to recreate the natural and beneficial water motion of rivers and seas. The patented Dual Magnet Support System (DMSS) allows the user to position the Koralia freely inside the aquarium. The pump can pivot in virtually any direction to guarantee flow where it is needed and is enhanced with vibration absorbing silicone for silent operation. The revolutionary spring impeller technology is designed for optimal flow performance. The new Koralia Third Generation can be connected to a controller and set to intervals from seconds to hours. Two sizes of fish guards, flow diffuser, and cable protector are included. Available in three sizes: 1350gph, 1950gph, 2450gph.


  • Flow Rate: 2450GPH
  • Power Consumption: 9.5W
  • Dimensions: 4.5″ x 3″ x 3.25″
  • Aquarium Size: 75-150G (Saltwater), 125-250G (Freshwater)
  • Glass Thickness: up to 3/5″

Hydor Koralia Spec Sheet