HI781 Marine Low Range Nitrate Checker HC Handheld Colorimeter – Hanna Instruments In Stock


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HI781 Marine Nitrate Checker HC Handheld Colorimeter – Hanna Instruments

The HI781 Nitrate Checker HC by Hanna Instruments is a simple and accurate handheld colorimeter that uses the Beer-Lambert principle to determine nitrate concentration. The HI781`s low range of 0.00 – 5.00 makes it ideal for measuring the low nitrate levels found in saltwater aquariums.

Why are Nitrate levels important?
Excess nitrates in a reef system can lead to an overgrowth of undesirable algae and dinoflagellates. Alternatively, not enough nitrates can lead to starvation for SPS and other corals.


  • Low range is ideal for saltwater aquariums 
  • Easier to use and more accurate than chemical test kits
  • Dedicated to a single parameter
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Digital read out for added convenience
  • Compact size for easy travel and storage


Range0.00 to 5.00 pm (m/L) NO3
Resolution0.01 pH
Accuracy @ 25øC/77øFñ0.25 ppm ñ2% of reading
Light SourceLED @525 nm
Light DetectorSilicon photocell
MethodZinc reduction method
Auto-offAfter ten minutes of non-use
Environment0 to 50øC (32 to 122øF); RH max 95% non-condensing
Battery Type(1) 1.5V AAA

What`s Included:

  • (1x) HI781 Checker HC
  • (2x) Sample cuvettes with caps
  • (1x) Nitrate Reagent starter set (reagents for 12 tests)
  • (1x) Filter holder
  • (1x) 20 mL syringe
  • (1x) 5 mL syringe with tip
  • (1x) Mixing vial with cap
  • (1x) Instructions and quick start guide

Accessories (sold separately):

  • Reagent set for 25 tests
  • Calibration set