Hamilton Cebu Sun Lighting System – 72 Inch 3 x 400 Watt 20,000K Metal Halide and 4 x 80 Watt T5 HO Actinics Shipped by Hamilton in 3-5 business days


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  • Cebu Sun Systems are the best “All-in-One” lighting system for any reef aquarium.
  • Unlike LEDs, Metal Halide lighting will allow you to keep any type of coral in your aquarium growing and thriving, especially hard to keep SPS corals.
  • Cebu Sun will add an attractive shimmer effect to your water.
  • Hamilton 20,000K emits an intense, deep blue light that simulates sunlight at ocean depths of 12-25 feet. The perfect choice for aquarists keeping deeper sea life and looking for an attractive deep blue ?pop? from their aquarium.
  • Four 80 Watt T5 High Output Actinics will draw out vibrant color from your aquarium inhabitants increasing the fluorescent colors of your corals.
  • German aluminum, high PAR, multi-faceted reflectors serve to intensify the light output of the Cebu Sun system.
  • Dual cooling fans increase the life of your bulbs.
  • Remote, high performance metal halide ballasts with quick disconnects allow for independent lighting controls of your metal halide and T5 lamps.
  • Protective, tempered `splash guard safety shield` UV lens.
  • Energy efficient, built in T5 electronic ballasts.
  • Fully assembled and ready to plug in for years of quality use.
  • Dimensions: L72″ x W13.5″ x H6.5″
  • *Built to order in the USA!

Please Note: Adjustable mounting legs included. Suspension hardware is sold separately.