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AquaMaxx GFO HC is a high-capacity granular ferric oxide, highly adsorbent filter media that helps to remove twice the amount of phosphate from the aquarium water when compared to standard GFO.

Having GFO in your filtration system reduces the risk for nuisance algae growth, which can quickly build up as fish waste and leftover food breaks down.  Algae will get out of hand if left unchecked as high phosphate levels help to feed the algae, and also inhibit stony corals` calcium uptake to form new skeletal structure.

AquaMaxx GFO can be ran within a fluidized media reactor with a slow flow rate for maximum efficiency, placed in a media filter bag and placed where water may gently flow through it in the sump, hang-on-back filter, or canister filter.

Use Guidelines:

  • Rinse media before use
  • Use 1/2 a cup per 50 gallons of saltwater aquarium volume
  • Use 1/4 a cup per 50 gallons of freshwater aquarium volume
  • Test phosphates regularly and replace media when levels begin to rise (3 – 6 month range)
  • Note: Alkalinity levels may drop when used, so should be monitored and adjusted as needed.

Available sizes: 1 lb / 2 lbs / 4 lbs