Dolphin Amp Master Diamond Freshwater/Marine Abrasive Proof 100 Pump – 6250 GPH (Type-4) Only 7 left – order now! In Stock


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Dolphin Amp Master Diamond 6250 FW/Marine Abravsive Proof Pump

  • Lowest Amp Draw Highest Head Marine Extreme Abrasive Proof Corrosive Resistant Pump.
  • Very cool running Silent indoor or un protected outdoor use.
  • Circulates up to 6250 GPH All new engineering using fringe tech seals simply the best pump on Earth for Aquariums and Ponds.
  • Extremely compact out performing heavy bulky 2″ pumps.
  • Built to consume the lowest amount of energy per gallon pumped.
  • Unique Seal engineered to perform @ 100% drawing lowest power and outlasting the motors life.
  • Replace the motor when needed not the seal.
  • Motor pad and 1.5″ new super seal unions included.
  • Recommended for all marine and reef tanks with very Abrasive/Corrosive Water.
  • 3 Year Warranty/Lifetime Service Guarantee.

Dolphin 6250 Graph

Seal Types
Type 1FreshwaterOver double the work life expectancy
of other style freshwater seals.
10-year factory
service guarantee
Type 2MarineDesigned for pumping clean
non-abrasive marine water.
10-year factory
service guarantee
Type 3Fresh, marine,
and any abrasive water
Designed for pumping water containing
abrasive sand and minerals.
Lifetime factory
service guarantee
Type 4Fresh, marine,
and any abrasive water
Recommended for extreme abrasive environments
and where the pump will cycle on and off.
Lifetime factory
service guarantee