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Aquascaping Guide – Dennerle

Learn everything you need to know about the exciting world of aquascaping! From design basics to the history of aquascaping, this book will provide you with all the tools and inspiration necessary to start your own beautiful underwater landscape.

The Dennerle Aquascaping Guide provides information about a large selection of popular plants and aquarium inhabitants including details on care, fertilization, hardscapes, soils, algae, water values, and more! Additionally, 14 unique aquarium landscapes are featured from 7 experts in the field (Oliver Knott, Andreas Ruppert, Annika Reincke, Jan-Simon Knispel, Adrie Baumann, Volker Jochum, Jurijs Jutjajevs), highlighting their layout descriptions and professional tips for beginners.

With so much in depth knowledge and stunning photography, this book is a joy for both beginners and experts alike.

English version
Authored by Chris Lukhaup, Stefan Hummel
Published by Dennerle

148 pages, 265 images

Manufacturer Info

The unique character of Dennerle`s products stems from the company`s research activities. The research department is the powerhouse that drives the company, pooling the very latest findings from the field of science, the company`s knowledge acquired from its aquatic plants farm and its extensive practical experience in the world of aquaria. Information from ongoing market analyses ensures a customer-oriented approach.

The company`s collaboration with microbiologists, chemists and botanists has spawned numerous solutions which have changed the face of the aquaria and ponds sector. The technical products, some of which have been patented, e.g. for biotope-compatible lighting, products for magnificent plants and clear water, fish foods and supplements, are hugely popular with our aquarium hobbyists.

Dennerle`s research team collaborates with specialists from other fields as part of an interdisciplinary approach and is the driving force behind the company`s innovative prowess. The secret behind the success of Dennerle`s research department is its understanding of the natural cycles in aquatic environments. Research activities focus not on combating symptoms, but on exerting a positive influence on biological processes ? the onus is on experiencing nature, rather than interfering with nature`s workings.