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CPR Tumblers make adding chemical filtration media to saltwater and freshwater aquariums significantly easier and more effective than currently used methods. Instead of running media passively by placing it into a mesh bag, try using the CPR Mini Tumbler to run your media actively and with proper fluidization. This will allow your media to be used more efficiently, so that the media gets used properly and reduces the amount of maintenance you will have to do on your tank!

The Tumbler can fluidize your media from a very gentle flow to a more aggressive tumble for media such as bio-plastics. Most all media will benefit from being fluidized the proper amount. The Tumblers include a number of other features to make it easier to keep your aquarium looking healthy and clean:


  • Small footprint ? use relatively little tank/sump space
  • Easy installation and maintenance ? simple mounting and cap design
  • Low energy consumption – 4W pump
  • Adjustable upward fluidization ? achieve the proper fluidized state for each media
  • Multiple media options ? for use with most types of coarse/granular media*
  • * For use with fine media, purchase the Fine Media Kit, or add a mesh bag or filter pad/sponge inside of the reactor body


  • Total capacity ? 650ml (remember to account for space needed during fluidization)
  • Tank rating ? depends on media being used and amount of media needed
  • Recommended bio-plastics capacity ? up to 350 ml (depending on density and fluidization)
  • Energy consumption – 4W
  • Voltage/Frequency – 115V/60Hz
  • Dimensions (including pump) ? 4 a” L x 3 a” W x 10 b” H


  • Feed pump
  • Reactor body
  • Suction cups (4)
  • Lid and cover assembly
  • Coarse media screens (2)