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Chemi-pure Green is the ultimate all-in-one filtration media for freshwater planted aquariums. Conveniently packaged in an easy to use nylon bag. Chemi-pure Green is formulated to offer superior filtration without removing either micro or macro nutrients. Chemi-pure Green combines the highest grade of low dust pelletized activated carbon with premium ion exchange resins to produce a balanced formula optimized for the health and well-being of your plants while delivering crystal clear water. The proprietary formula significantly reduces tannins, odors, toxins, organic compounds and medications. For a healthy, stable, crystal clear planted aquarium use Chemi-pure Green! Chemi-pure Green BULK is a 6 pack of 11 oz. units in a resealable bag that is great for professional aquarium maintenance companies, store use or simply hobbyists with multiple aquariums.

ContentsTank Type Benefits
Chemi-PureGranulated carbon, ion exchange resins  Any light bioload freshwater
and saltwater aquarium
Clear and contaminant-free water
Chemi-Pure Elite Granulated Carbon, ion exchange resins,
and granulated ferric oxide  
Any medium-heavy bioload
freshwater or saltwater aquarium
Clear and contaminant-free water
with the added benefit of
long-lasting phosphate control
Chemi-Pure Blue Extruded pelletized carbon, phosphate
adsorption resin, and organic scavenger resin
Higher pH tanks such as
saltwater reef tanks, African Cichlids,
Goldfish and Koi
Clear and contaminant-free water
with the added benefit of quick
phosphate control and organic
waste removal
Chemi-Pure Green  Extruded pelletized carbon, ion
exchange resins, and organic scavenger resin 
Freshwater planted aquariumsClear and contaminant-free water
with the added benefit of organic waste
control without aggressive
phosphate removal which helps benefit
plant growth