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The ATI Nutrition is an advanced nutrient management system that simplifies control, naturally, with nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon: Nutrition N, Nutrition P, and Nutrition C.  Algae, cyano, and diatoms, will be held off, and there will be no need for extra equipment like media reactors, ceramic blocks, or bio-pellets when using ATI Nutrition.

In home aquaria, nitrate and phosphate can get out of balance where either one is extremely higher than the other, resulting in slow growth, poor coloration, and even coral dying. Supplementing either ATI Nutrition N or P will help counteract this imbalance with the necessary dosing of the nutrients that reefs crave, while Nutrition C reduces any excess levels, promoting the growth of bacteria that naturally consumes the excess.

Stone corals need calcium, carbonate, magnesium, strontium and barium for development of their skeletal structures, however, for biomass construction, trace elements, organic compounds, and nutrients of carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) are needed. ATI Nutrition P enriches the supply of Essentials Pro by providing essential, organic compounds and nutrients.

ATI Nutrition C-N-P complements the use of Essentials Pro, ideally, with organic compounds and nutrients.  It is also compatible with other traditional 2-part dosing systems, individual supplements, or regimens.


  • Supplements essentials pro with organic compounds and nutrients
  • Allows for precise adjustment of nutrients according to the Redfield ratio and actively prevents nutrient limitation
  • Actively increases the formation of chromoproteins in corals
  • Promotes the growth and vitality of all reef inhabitants

Basic Dosing Principles – What to Dose

Nitrate (NO3)Phosphate (PO4)Nutrition C (Carbon)Nutrition N (Nitrogen)Nutrition P (Phosphorus)
Too HighToo High
Too HighToo Low
Too LowToo High
Too LowToo Low1/2 of N