Aquadomes – Aragonite Frag Mounts – 10 Count – Reefsmart In Stock


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Aquadomes – Aragonite Frag Mounts – 10 Count  – Reefsmart

Aquadomes are 100% reefsafe, made with aragonite reef sand without silicates, and cured for two months in 6,000 gallon holding tanks.  Aquadomes have proven over the last decade to be the standard for coral aquaculture.


  • Dome shape provides greater stability from toppling over caused by inverts or water flow.
  • Additional surface area allows corals to encrust.
  • Concave surface top keeps glue from running, allowing easier mounting of frags.
  • Perfect for SPS, LPS, and Zooanthid growout.
  • 100% aquarium tested and proven to work.


  • Dimensions: 1.5″ diameter x .75″ height (approximately)
  • Weight: 1 oz. (approximately)


  • 10 Aquadomes frag mounts


  • Rinse well before use
  • Not necessary to soak