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The Accel Aquatics Biopellet Reactor is specifically designed to fluidize biopellet filter media without the need of a strong or high flowing water pump. The special penductor or “flow accelerator” located inside of the reactor produces very turbulent and strong water movement inside of the reactor. This keeps the biopellets suspended and moving which is critical for biopellets to function properly. The inverted conical bottom helps even further by preventing media from clumping and settling on the bottom of the reactor.

The reactor does require a separate water pump for proper operation to push water through the reactor. The unique design allows you to use a much smaller water pump and still achieve proper circulation when compared to other fluidized media reactors in its class. In fact, you can increase water movement by up to 400% when compared to a traditional up-flow fluidized media reactor using the same water pump.

Although the Accel Aquatics Biopellet reactors were originally designed for use with nitrate-reducing biopellet media, they are perfectly suitable for use with other filter media such as gfo, carbon, or any other filter media that requires fluidization. Water flow through the reactor should be controlled using a valve or controllable water pump to accommodate the flow requirements of the particular media. The unique flow patterns created inside of the reactor will then ensure maximum water-to-media contact time and help you get the most out of your filter media of choice.

The Accel Aquatics Biopellet Reactors are available in four sizes to accommodate any size aquarium. The type of media you choose and how much is needed for your aquarium will determine what size reactor is right for you. Compare the reactor media capacity below with the manufacturer recommendation for the quantity of media to choose your reactor.

ReactorDimensionsMedia CapacityRecommended Flow RateInlet Size
FR-16Base diameter: 5.5″50 – 300ml150 – 300 GPH1/2″ or 3/4″ ID vinyl tubing. (Pump and tubing are not included)
FR-30Base diameter: 5.5″, Overall Height: 15.5″50- 600ml150 – 400 GPH1/2″ or 3/4″ ID vinyl tubing. (Pump and tubing are not included)
FR-45Base diameter: 5.5″, Overall Height: 20.5″500 – 1200ml250 – 500 GPH1/2″ or 3/4″ ID vinyl tubing. (Pump and tubing are not included)
FR-100Base diameter: 5.5″, Overall Height: 44″500 – 2400ml400 – 900 GPH1/2″ or 3/4″ ID vinyl tubing. (Pump and tubing are not included)

For use with AquaMaxx BioMaxx Plus BioPellets we recommend that you start with 250 mL of biopellets per 60 gallons of aquarium water then slowly increase this amount over time to accommodate your tanks waste level. As more waste becomes present in your aquarium, more biopellets will be required to maintain nitrates at undetectable levels.